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About us

Gireesh Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (GIPL) is a infrastructure development & services company, having it headquarters in Hyderabad. Currently the company is looking into various projects like managing Public transport services and transport infrastructure development in East of India.

Our vision is to provide the best and luxurious travel experience to the passengers and enhance road travel experience for social, economic, trade & commerce & tourism purposes.

The buses are equipped with the latest state- of- art technology and are being introduced in india for the first time. The facilities which are provided by us to the passengers for their comfort and security include push back seats, Live Dish TV, Air Conditioning with both heating cooling system, Vehicle Tracking System, like CCTV monitoring, Wifi Internet Access, Laptop/Mobile Charging point on each seat pair etc. The company is also planning to run deluxe and semi deluxe buses soon. The company plan to cover more than 50 towns across Bihar and neighboring states.

The company is promoted by leading industrialist Dr. Gireesh Kumar Sanghi, who has established several companies in the field of Textile, Cement, Media etc. The Vision of the company is to be the best and most efficient company in the transport infrastructure sector in India.